Who We Are?

About Ingenium

“Delivering Value” is what we live by, and how we serve our customers.

As an innovative, resourceful, integrated solutions & services company, Ingenium offers multiple service offerings:

1) Technology Management Solutions & Services:
• Smart City, Smart building & Security solutions
• Network Equipment, WiFi & Connectivity services
• Information & Automation systems

2) Energy / Facilities Management Solutions & Value-added Services:
• Energy Efficiency Management Systems & Services
• Security systems and CCTV analytics
• Premise Sanitisation & Disinfection services

3) Integrated Professional Services:
• Consultancy & Training services
• Project Management services
• Managed services & supply sourcing

For queries, please email us at info[at]ingenium.my; or Contact us.

Driving Digital Transformation

We assist our customers on their journey to find and infuse the most practical & sustainable “Digital DNA” into their respective organisations.

The need for Digital Transformation is very clear if an organisation truly desires to be competitive, advantageous and sustainable. With the challenging market environments, competitors and disruptors, organisations that don’t innovate will be impacted.

Our Core Values

Integrated Digital Transformation services

We understand the difficulties and challenges our clients will face in their respective Digital Transformation journeys. With this in mind, Ingenium’s methodology of integrated services, ensures our customers get the guidance and assistance they require. Let’s Talk.